16 décembre 2014

TDCCIA is a fake and illegal company that says a financial company fact credit ranking. We requested to this company his financial license and his staff and CEO: Roger Goldmann, Sharon Abrams, Lee Hepdurn, Adam Savitch and Rob MacDonagh. Nobody of this people has a financial license and are financial people, this people threaten companies, hack social media and post illegal messages on all social Medias around the world, using youtube, facebook, twitter, google+ and many more.

We want to inform you about TDCCIA and his dangerous acts. His are criminals and make money laundering between Russia and Israel ripping companies around the world, but principally in Europe, Latam and USA.

TDCCIA is a very dangerous company and his members: : Roger Goldmann, Sharon Abrams, Lee Hepdurn, Adam Savitch and Rob MacDonagh must be penal pursued by authorities, and we invite all companies to denounce it to our police, judge, police, etc …

Our information tell us, TDCCIA deals with narco traffickers principaly in Colombia, Afganisthan, Pakistan. He open several banks account in Israel and Russia to money laudering for him and his criminals partners.

TDCCIA act since two years in the telecom industry and threat companies about pay a fee to don’t be in his website, that’s his same schema like the Italian mafia, who take a percent of commerce’s for protection.